Lithuanian leading producer of precast concrete elements „Betonika“ offers customers the most advantageous comprehensive solutions for various types of buildings and infrastructure projects, based on precast concrete products together with related services.

Precast elements of various dimensions with necessary inserts are produced on the individual customers’ request for a specific building. The product range is really wide: hollow core slabs, beams, columns, stairs’ flights and landings, walls, products of small architecture. It enables “Betonika” to supply the customer with the complex technical decisions for various projects, such as offices, logistics, industrial buildings, residential construction, shopping centers, etc.

“Betonika” is a subsidiary of international holding “CONSOLIS”, which was founded in 2005 following the merger of the Finnish capital enterprises’ group “Consolis Oy Ab” and the French leading producer of precast concrete products “Bonna Sabla SA”. The new association constitutes a group of over 10000 employees, with about 1.8 billion Euros in sales in 2008, being present in over 24 countries from Finland to Tunisia, and from Portugal to Russia, and Indonesia.

Precast concrete elements are being designed and produced in “Betonika” using modern technologies and know-how of the entire international group “Consolis” as well as experience of “Betonika” staff. Therefore “Betonika” participates in the biggest construction projects successfully.                 More>>

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