Residential buildings

Betonika UAB provides solutions of precast concrete structures for blocks of flats, cottages and dwelling houses.

Since 2004, Betonika UAB  provides a whole system of structural solutions intended for high-rise residential construction that consists of precast concrete floor slabs, heat-insulated three-layer external walls, internal walls, stairs and landings, lift wells, balconies, parapets and metal parts. The residents of blocks of flats are interested in car parking lots – Betonika UAB can offer multi-storey car parking solutions, manufactured from precast concrete.

External walls from precast concrete in blocks of flats are manufactured even at the factory with insulation material. The thickness of insulation layer is chosen according to thermal resistance value wished by the customer. In addition, precast concrete walls have tightness and heat accumulation properties, therefore, to heat the building, less energy is consumed. Heating bills in block of flats, built from  Betonika‘s UAB precast concrete structures are among the lowest in Vilnius, for example, Pavilnionių st. 31 block of flats falls into a top five that have paid the least price for heating.

The Company offers modern facade finish solutions: masonry imitation, Reckli®, coloured concrete, polished concrete surface, graphic concrete surface allow implementing nonstandard ideas of architects and provide the building with exclusive appearance.

Betonika UAB in the contest For Sustainable Development 2011 received a Certificate of Acknowledgement for application of new structural solutions to the Eikos Housing in Pilaitė project.

During more than a decade, solutions from Betonika UAB have been applied to construction of new blocks of flats. Also, modern blocks of residential houses have been built  and are being built from precast concrete: blocks of flats in Pilaitė, Pašilaičiai, Perkūnkiemis, Bajorų dominija, Solocity, Smilgos blocks of residential houses, Skandinavija block of flats in Minsk and others.

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